A New and Improved Bandstand for Everyone

If you live near Clarence Park or if you visit the park  for events held at the Bandstand, would you like  to see it restored and repaired in order for it to be used in future by all the community?

The Wakefield Music Collective is doing a joint bid with WMDC in order to repair and refurbish the bandstand. In addition to this (we) The Collective, are also submitting a separate bid in order to continue staging events at the Bandstand.

Both bids require ‘evidence of need’ so we are asking local people and anyone who is interested in seeing the bandstand restored and used regularly to add their approval……..To help us, help make Clarence Park Bandstand a venue for the whole community, please show your support for our initiative by adding your comments to this post. Thanks x :)

One thought on “A New and Improved Bandstand for Everyone”

  1. In austere times it is tempting to erode funding in the performing arts. It is precisely within these times that the people of Wakefield need access to its parks, and access to live entertainment. I support the Collective’s aims to maintain a regular programme of live entertainment within this open air venue. There needs to be more accessable venues to encourage more live music within the Wakefield area.

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