About The Bandstand

What’s probably not commonly known is that Wakefield Music Collective are currently working with The Friends of CHaT Parks’ and Wakefield Council on a project to refurbish the old Bandstand in Clarence Park, Wakefield. This building has stood in it’s current position for many years prior to it being situated at the top of Lowe Hill within the park, but it is now showing signs of natural wear and tear and in need of a thorough overhaul if it is to carry on being a centrepiece for outdoor events.

We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to bring an array of different bands and solo artist’s to Wakefield; if successful with funding, the aim is to expand the use of the building to other groups such as Amateur Dramatics, Church Choirs and School’s within the Wakefield area or even further afield spreading the uses of the Bandstand to the wider audience and community.

For this project to be a success we have been jointly applying for external funding but this depends on community support. If you feel this is a viable project not only for Wakefield Central but for Wakefield District as a whole we would appreciate words of support. We would also love to hear from yourselves if you would like to use the bandstand for concerts or similar events.

You can find out more about the consultation and respond (including a downloadable questionnaire) by clicking here.

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