Wakefield Music Collective now produce a podcast featuring some of the bands, music and news from our many events throughout the year. The frequency depends on how many events we have on, but it is usually every fortnight.


Local radio station 106.8 RidingsFM also produce local music news, presented by music guru Andy Philpott on Saturday mornings – find out more here!

By popular request, click here to find a complete list of music played including links to artists’ own sites.


How To Subscribe

The easiest way is to find us as in the iTunes Store with this link: Wakefield Music Collective Podcast.

You can subscribe (and get it regularly in your inbox or on your iPod) via iTunes, My Yahoo!, Zune, Google Reader and RSS feed.


Episode Index

Download each episode as a stand-alone MP3 file here:

  • Podcast 20 (22nd December 2013) featuring: Dutch Uncles, Jim Lockey, Voidstalker, The Cribs, Mi Mye, Rory Hoy vs Dodgy, Becy Howley, Ruby Macintosh, DD & The Flakes
  • Podcast 19 (26th July 2013) featuring: The King Crows, The Darlingtons, Antonio Lulic, The Albion Codex, Auction For The Promise Club, Archean Soundtrack, Pins, Never A Hero, Famous Villains, Hemingway
  • Podcast 18 (17th July 2013) featuring: Dodgy, The Repeat Offenders, Belladonic Haze, The Juvies, Rory Hoy, Jacobean Ruff, The Spills, Eva Abraham, Arrows Of Love, Raptusound, White Pigeon, and The Lagan
  • Podcast 17 (11th July 2013) featuring: Benjamin Bloom, Art Brut, King Canute, The Mavis Seed, Killer Computers, The Majestic, Vienna Ditto, Michael Ainsley Band, J The Ex, Bleech, Brick Supply, and Lauren Housley
  • Podcast 16 (29th May 2013) featuring: We Are Losers, Matt Johnson, Peculiar Blue, Escort Knights, The Soul Circle Gang, Electric Eel Shock, We Are The Pessimists, Acid Drop, Chris Helme, and Healthy Junkies
  • Podcast 15 (22nd May 2013) featuring: Gentle Ihor’s Devotion, Jacobean Ruff, McDylbot, Runaround Kids, The Do’s, The Goggenheim, Welsh T Band, Incredible Magpie Band, and Pete Mitchell Smith’s Blues Crew
  • Podcast 14 (8th May 2013) featuring: 12:27, Metro, We Are The Pessimists, Killer Computers, Post War Glamour Girls, Skaters, TV Smith, Thundermother, Dead Vixens, Rory Hoy, and Lordi
  • Podcast 13 (18th April 2013) featuring: WTCHRS, No Strangers, Freschard, The Coopers, McDylbot, The Hoosiers, Gaia, Doc Brown, and Ryan Keen
  • Podcast 12 (4th April 2013) featuring: Kid Canaveral, Morain, This Is The Kit, The History Of Apple Pie, RM Hubbert & Alan Bissett, Wet Nuns, Black Orchid, Dead Sons, and Humanfly
  • Podcast 11 (21st March 2013) featuring: Lorenza Woods, Fonda 500, Mr Shiraz, Shrood, Piskie Sits, Zodiac Mindwarp, Wrinkle, Magic Droids Band, and Buen Chico
  • Podcast 10 (7th March 2013) featuring: Rise To Addiction, Propane Penny, Candy Says, Michael Ainsley Band, Berlyn Trilogy, Famous Villains, The Now Nows, Benjamin Bloom, and Roddy Woomble
  • Podcast 9 (21st February 2013), featuring: Benson, Louise Distras, Dac Delaney & Taylor, State Of Georgia, Exclamation Pony, Ryan Spendlove, Rachel Sermanni, Skint & Demoralised, and Mummy Short Arms

Previous editions no longer available:

  • Podcast 8 (7th February 2013), featuring: Black Orchid, Carnage Network, Gretchen Hoffner, Tom Doughty, MBT, Kava Kava, Goggle-Eyed Psycho, Famous Villains, and Raevennan Husbandes
  • Podcast 7 (24th January 2013), featuring: Sponge Wings, Bleech, McDylbot, The Juvies, Poet & The Loops, Rose & The Howling North, The Lagan, Lucy Berry, and The Roosters
  • Podcast 6 (13th January 2013), featuring: Brick Supply, Welsh-T Band, Chris Littlewood, FooN, Jonnythefirth, Dac Delaney And Taylor, and Antonio Lulic
  • Podcast 5 (25th July 2012), featuring: Jery At Controls, Bogus Brothers, Mummy Short Arms, More Than You’ll Ever Know, Obvious Pseudonym, Scott Anthony Wainwright, Benson, Pegging Leaves, One Day After School, and Red Riding Quartet
  • Podcast 4 (22nd July 2012), featuring: Hamerex, MBT, Beekeepers, Lord Bishop Rocks, Malibustacey, Ship Of Fools, and Dirty Twister
  • Podcast 3 (2nd July 2012), featuring: Beat Milk Jugs, Benjamin Bloom, The Juvies, Kava Kava, Blind Dead McJones Band, Smile Poltergeist, and The Bluefoot Project.
  • Podcast 2 (24th June 2012), featuring: Boomin’, By Polaroid, Brick Supply, Lenny & His 5MGs, Melodyme, Soul Circle Gang, Piskie Sits and The Tracks.
  • Podcast 1 (19th June 2012), featuring: Freedom Of The City, The Jar Family, The Incredible Magpie Band, Brick Supply, Wrinkle, The Passing Fancy and The Brompton Mix.

Please do feel free to send us feedback.


Why Do You Remove Old Podcasts?

PRS For MusicMusic played on the podcast is licenced via PRS, which gives us a limited number of downloads per year. By removing old podcasts and keeping only the recent 6 ‘live’, we can continue to play what we want (and more importantly, what you like hearing) under the licence terms imposed on us.

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  1. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me how much car parking is for cclarnce park on saturday and is it ok to bring your own food and drink. Thank you

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