Blue Thursday, and Friday and Saturday and Sunday :)

If you like R’n'B, not that modern Soul, Rap, Pap which calls itself R’n'B, but proper Rhythm and Blues, played by proper Blues bands who keep the spirit of the delta alive by playing music straight from the soul, then get yourself along to KT’s 5th Annual Wakefield City Blues Bash.

Starting this very eve, from 9pm at The Hop with Tim Graham & The Black Cats and Mike Shaw & Graham Hall. Its free entry, so you’ve got no excuse not to be there :)

Tonight is the first, of four consecutive nights of Bluesyness we will be bringing to Wakefield, with gigs at various venues around town, more details of which can found on our dedicated Blues Festival page.

Tickets are available for our only ticketed gig of the festival featuring The Hexmen, Tom Attah and The Tom Kilner band at Balne Lane Club, but you can also pay on the door if you like.

So there you go, get yourself along to one of our gigs this weekend for a big old dose of The Blues, all are welcome. Whether you’ve been into Blues for ages, or have never thought to listen to it before, we’ve got all kinds of bands on this weekend, all great, with something for everyone. See you There :)


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