Clarence 2012 – A Big Thankyou!

The stages are once again quiet, the beer tent has been packed away, the litter has been cleared and all the barriers are gone – yes folks, we’re done and dusted with Clarence 2012! It rained a bit, it was sunny, someone tried to roll down the hill and Rat was selling sticks – that makes it a proper Clarence in our books.

Thanks to all the bands who played with great gusto – Red Riding Quartet, Blind Dead McJones Band, The Jar Family, Scott Anthony Wainwright, Hamerex, By Polaroid, The Brompton Mix, More Than You’ll Ever Know, Freedom Of The City, The Incredible Magpie Band, Jery At Controls, MBT, Pegging Leaves, Mummy Short Arms, Boomin, Benjamin Bloom, The Soul Circle Gang, and Benson.

Thanks to you the audience who braved rain, wind, sun, and everything else to sit on the hill and listen to some cracking tunes. Thanks for behaving 😉

Thanks to the volunteers who tidied, cleared, produced, engineered, photographed, promoted, patrolled, sold stuff, walked, dispensed info, swept, carried, printed, lifted, wrote, typeset, rescued, poked, prodded, drove, ran, cleaned, lit, videoed, and tons more. People such as Kate, Rachel, Becky, Ben, Ellie, Tom, Nicky, Matty, JJ, James, Mick, Anthony, Joel, Andy, Lisa, Ed, Sophie, Jack, Jo-Ann, and tons more (many of whom are in the photo on the right, kindly taken by Sally Tucker). Thanks to Morsey for finding us drum kits at short notice, MBT for lending Mummy Short Arms their backline, Jodie for writing the intro to the programme. Ta to Martin at YOT and Yubi at Next Generation for their continued support.

Thanks to our sponsors this year who made sure we had enough dosh to do it, whether they gave us cash or donated services in-kind, companies you should support because they’re lovely – Wakefield College, Wakefield District Council, Ackworth Autoserv, Ossett Brewery, Rustico, BeClear/PCT, Wakefield Community Foundation, Rocket Express, Key Security, Sayers Solutions, StagePro, Wrenthorpe Consulting, Thornes Bon Bon, Leeds List, The All-New Duke Of York Pub Agbrigg, Trad Music, 106.8 Ridings FM, BBC 6Music, BBC Introducing, Cheese Factory, and Biziprint up Westgate who sorted us flyers and printing at very short notice. Splendid work from all the vendors who fed, watered and clothed people, and got the kids hopped up on sweets.

Finally, thanks (as usual) to everyone we’ve forgotten because there were a lot of people who helped this year, everyone from the random guy who helped fill bin bags at the end, to the bars and pubs who took our flyers when the street team were out on Thursday and Friday, and the kindhearted souls who handed in lost property. Kudos to the folks who brought their sofa and beanbags and put them on the hill – we love you all; the guy who decided to change his pants on the tarmac – less so 😉

There’ll be a full write-up soon and podcast #6 will feature soundbites from performers and crew around the festival, presumably when we’ve calmed down a bit, but in the meantime our Flickr group has photos appearing from the festival taken by Collective members, but you can of course add your own – go see!

And now, a cup of tea. Phew! Thanks and thanks again 🙂

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