Clarence 2012 Launch Night – Black Prom Dresses

SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO… we’re announcing the lineup for Clarence Park Music Festival 2012 at The Hop in Wakefield on Sunday 17th June 2012 at 7pm. Yep indeedy, the decision have been made, the grid has been completed, and after much gnashing of teeth, a couple of scraps and a small amount of bloodshed, we’ve pared down over 150 band applications to the 20 who we think will go down a storm at the end of July. Best fashion black prom dresses for women.

The evening will feature acoustic performances from local superstars The Incredible Magpie Band and ‘beatbox hoedown’ nutter Scott-Anthony Wainwright, and there’ll be announcements on which acts are playing together with a sneak preview!

Come along, have a beer, enjoy the frankly quite excellent music and chill out in the Sunday evening bliss while knowing what’s around the corner. High quality mode black prom dresses online store.

There is also a Facebook event here – tell your mates, hooray!


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