Clarence 2015 Starts Here!

We are overjoyed to be able to say that our application process for Clarence 2015 is now open!

The Clarence Park Music Festival is Yorkshire’s longest running free music festival, which has thousands of visitors enjoying music over a (hopefully sunny) weekend in July.

On 25th and 26th July, 2015 we will be listening to a large number of bands, of a wide variety of styles and genres.  We try to use a mix of new and local bands, and it’s always great to have new music.  Wakefield has a strong and vibrant music scene, with a number of live music venues constantly on the lookout for new bands.  Playing at Clarence is not only a chance to play a festival, but is also an introduction to the promoters and venue owners in the area.

We have hundreds of applications every year, and there are one or two things that you can do to make yours stand out:

  1. have plenty of video – it’s always great to see live performances.
  2. try and have a couple of contrasting tracks in your application.
  3. a good website or facebook page helps, with plenty of information about the band.
  4. make sure that the contact details you use are actually going to work – there’s nothing worse for us than seeing a band that we would love to play the festival, but then can’t get hold of.

Our band lineup will be decided in April next year, so you’ve got until then to get your applications in – our band application site is here, so please apply and we look forward to seeing you soon:

Click Here To Apply!


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