Want To Play Clarence 2018?

Wakefield Music Collective are pleased to announce the 27th Clarence Park Festival, the longest running FREE Music Festival in Yorkshire and here’s how your band could be selected to play!

This year the festival is scheduled for the weekend of 28th & 29th July 2018 in Clarence Park, Denby Dale Road, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK.

Who Can Apply To Play?

We’re open to all kinds of music and in the past we’ve had everything as diverse as pop, prog, electro, grindcore, rock, hiphop, indie and folk. If you’re not sure then apply anyway, we’re always after a bit of diversity. There are two stages planned each year: the bandstand is used for the large stage, and there is a smaller indoor (tent) stage which is more suited to smaller acts.

Playing other festivals and gigs in the area isn’t a barrier to entry, but please do let us know so we can make the local lineup a diverse one over the course of the Summer.

Hot tips: We look at all kinds of things including what you’re like online, whether you’re on Twitter and Facebook, if you’ve got any live videos out there (the ‘live’ bit is important because it gives us an idea what you’re like on stage) and what your music’s like. We get a lot of applications and sometimes we’ll make a decision in a few minutes if we can’t find anything much about you so make sure it’s designed to impress!

There are no age restrictions on who can play.

If you played in 2016 or 2017 you are not eligible to play in the 2018 event, sorry we try and keep the lineup fresh and different – however you may put yourself forward for other events.

Application Process

There are two ways of applying to perform at Clarence 2018.  Please don’t just email us – you must apply via one of these two methods.

This is your way of persuading us your band should play so make it as impressive as you can!

Applications are open until early April, and selection will take place by the end of April. Lineup announcements will be made in May.

Apply Online

If you want to apply for your band/act to play using our online application wizard, click here to register your band.

You will need to upload two MP3 files, a couple of photos, and complete a couple of forms which will get all the info we need. You can also apply to play other events in the Collective calendar.

Apply By Post

You must send a BAND/PERFORMERS PROMOTION PACK which must include:

  • Demo CD with at least 2 tracks
  • Band Biography & genre
  • Examples of gigs played in 2017, & those booked for 2018. Please tell us if you’re booked to play any other Wakefield festivals or venues 2 months either side of Clarence Park Music Festival.
  • Photos (if available)
  • Contact Details: phone number, email, website & postal address

Postal application packs should be sent to:

Wakefield Music Collective,
c/o Voluntary Action Wakefield District (VAWD)
11 Upper York Street,

Remember to include return contact details – a surprising amount of acts just send us a CD with no way of getting back in touch with them.

Closing date for applications is strictly 16th April 2018. Repeat: Your application MUST have been received by 16th April!

I’m A Promoter – Can I Submit A Portfolio?

Sure – as long as it meets the criteria above per act. You’ll need to do an online application for each act/band, so it may be easier if you send a postal application.

Promotion & PR

We promote the festival a lot in the run-up so it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got some nice photos and a decent-quality band logo ready.  The sooner you get your promo material to us (if your band is chosen), then the sooner we can start talking about how great you are to all our Clarence Park Festival supporters.

And finally…

Good luck!