Be A Volunteer Steward!

Collective events wouldn’t keep going without the stewards to run them, and we need as many people as possible to keep the job easy & fun for those who end up actually doing it – so thanks for taking the time to read this!

Read on to find out all about stewarding at Clarence – or one of our other events!


Basic Requirements

Stewarding at any Music Collective event requires that you are a minimum of 18 years. If you are under 18, you may wish to join our Young Persons Team.

The Job

The main responsibility of stewards is crowd management and, as such, a number of qualities are a must. You will need to be helpful, watchful and tactful as well as approachable (People will expect you to know what’s happening where & when).

Ultimately, poor stewarding could put the future of the whole event at risk.

This means that stewards must be responsible, responsive and, above all, reliable. We do ask that once a duty has been agreed, that agreement is adhered to.

Organisation On The Day

Wakefield Music Collective work on a tried & tested rota system and each day’s rota is decided at a meeting early in the day before the event begins. This meeting is also used to deliver any training that may be required (safe evacuation procedures for instance) and hopefully this ensures that everyone gets to see any bands they particularly want to see & hear. This means regular changes of location (ensuring that stewards don’t get bored )  are important and that we stick to agreed times and locations – remember, you are volunteers and will never be placed at any location without your prior agreement, so this should never become a problem as long as we have adequate numbers of volunteers.  We always try to work at least in pairs at whatever location we are manning so that, whilst one person is helping someone, there is another approachable person prepared to help. This ensures that nobody is put under undue pressure and this is aided by the fact that provision is made for constant communication with the chief steward.

To sum up, we make every effort to ensure that everybody – the public , performers  and ourselves – have a fantastic time and it can’t be stressed too strongly that the more bodies we have, the easier this mission is achieved.

What Are The Benefits?

A fantastic day out with a bucket load of job satisfaction to look back on.

If you are planning on volunteering and using the experience in applications for education, employment or other community groups the Committee are of course happy to provide a reference after the event – just ask.