Clarence Lineup 2012

We’ve got 18 fabulous acts for you over two days at Clarence Park this year.

As it stands, the acts playing are:

Saturday 28th July 2012

Red Riding Quartet

Red Riding Quartet are four Northern sons playing heavy sounds. All born in the 1970’s, the band hail from the former West Riding of Yorkshire and take their name from David Peace’s quartet of ‘Yorkshire Noir’ novels. A number of musical influences seep into their sound, one that is at times visceral, others beautifully bleak. Come take their bloodied hands and let them guide you to the North! (Facebook Page)

Blind Dead McJones

 The Blind Dead McJones Band formed out of a pure chance meeting between the blues legend and the Boys back in 2008. The boys had been having a casual wee jam session at the wise owl pub (now been demolished) when they noticed this mysterious looking fella keeping a keen eye on them. This turned out to be the great Blind Dead McJones who coincidently needed a new band and took on the boys. Since then they have performed up and down the U.K on a regular basis although sadly not always with McJones. As all the great bluesmen McJones is notoriously unreliable and is known to take last minute solo tours or just ship out to Japan when he fancies some noodles, sometimes leaving the band in a tight spot. As time has gone on though the boys have become accustomed to this and can now put on a great show with or without their front man. Performing a fine selection of Blues classics from the likes of McJones, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy etc, as well as some of their own more rocky material. Back to School Blues is the first official release from the Blind Dead McJones Band (without McJones), released in 2010 after endlessly trying to get in the studio with the man himself the band eventually got sick of wasting studio time, recorded without him. McJones has listened to the E.P since its release and has been quoted as saying “Boys done good”. (Facebook Page)

The Jar Family

On the road since late 2009 touring and collaborating together after meeting on their local open mic circuit, The Jar Family are a 7 piece electro acoustic folk/indie/rock band which includes five singer/songwriters/guitarists of various styles. From Folk to Indie Rock the band, which includes Keith Wilkinson (Formerly of Squeeze & The Jools Holland Big Band) on bass and Kez Edwards (Coda) on Percussion/Cajon – have recently released their debut album which is available on most digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon & Tuntribe. This following on from a successful first EP ‘Livingston Session’ released in 2010. (Facebook Page)

Scott Wainwright

Scott Wainwright is a Yorkshire based Musician and Artist, who has had a varying degree of success with multiple projects over the last ten years, though his profile has never been higher than it currently is.
Playing Guitar, Harmonica, Banjo, Piano, Ukulele, Bass and beat boxing Scott presents his material to audiences in and around the Yorkshire area. His vocal style and his songs draw heavily on Folk, Blues, Gospel and Rap genres giving the artist a very singular stance amidst the underground and grass roots music scene.  (Facebook Page)


Hamerex are a 5 piece heavy metal outfit, founded back 2004 by Steve Blower who looks to the roots of metal from the early 80′s and combines it with different aspects of metal. Now with the completion of their second E.P. ‘The Lycan’, and receiving positive reviews, Hamerex are now focusing on recording their debut album “Rites of Passage” which is due to be released in 2011. (Facebook Page)

By Polaroid

By Polaroid was formed in early 2011 by singer Russ Peskett and bassist Dave Fogwill. With an ad on a “musicians wanted” website they were able to secure guitarist Joe Hesketh. At this point the band was formed with the help of drummer Joe Lewis. With a writing style fusing prog rock riffs with melodic vocals and an intricate back line the songs started coming.  “Drifters” was the first song the band recorded at Sound Central studio’s in the summer of 2011, the song had everything in it the guys like about rock ‘n’ roll. In a sense they play music that they want to hear without compromise. (Website)

The Brompton Mix

Hailing from Woking, they played their first gig in February 2011 and kept on running since, consisting of Simon Gulliver on bass, Chris Baxter on drums, Azza Sergent on lead guitar and Ben Peppitt on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Their motto is “don’t Stop The music” – come see! (Facebook Page)

More Than You’ll Ever Know


Freedom Of The City

A firm hit when they visited Wakefield a few months ago, Freedom Of The City thing groove along with precise, intelligent and whip-hip intensity; The Sunshine Underground after better dancing lessons. But the growl and sneer encased in lead singer George Brown’s vocals is 100% pure-grade Mancunia; wit and sneer, animosity and accord, a leading example of the “new wave of MOR” that’s sweeping the stadium indie genre. Brilliant. (Official Website)


Sunday 29th July 2012

The Incredible Magpie Band

The Incredible Magpie Band are a brand new five piece formed on the 1st of Feb 2012. All experienced and well gigged musicians create a 60′s influenced contempary rock and roll sound reminiscent of early Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Who and later on The La’s… delivering melody rich songs with a bite. The band was featured on Ridings FM Saturday Morning Unsigned Show to plug the debut gig at The Hop, Wakefield – March 2012. (MySpace Page)

Jery At Controls

Jery At Controls describe themselves as “an alt-country cake, sprinkled with rock and roll, filled with blues and baked in the oven of pop!” Catchy tunes which will get stuck in your head. Not to be missed! (Facebook Page)


M.B.T from Wakefield were formed 2006 by Gavin Palmer (drums) with song ideas pending quickly drafted in Fil Lipinski (lead guitars), Aiden Doherty (bass guitar), Calvin Grindle (rhythm guitar) and Andrew McArdle (vocals). A firm favourite on the Wakefield metal scene they are as strong as ever writing new tracks and undertaking any show thrown at them!

Pegging Leaves

 Anna and Neil met through jam session at The Grove Inn, Leeds. With a common love of American Folk, Country and Bluegrass they have built up a set of original and cover material. Anna has been on the folk and Bluegrass scene in the UK for over 20 years (so has Neil!…) playing solo gigs and with various bands, including the likes of Magna Carta and Medicine Hat.

Mummy Short Arms

Mummy Short Arms were born from the forest of twang. In the forest all was safe, all was well, then the twangs rescinded, the twangs rescinded until there was only one twang and that twang ran at the course of a backwards insect. Daddy became Mummy, long became short and legs became arms, the forest was reversed and from under the tree sprouted nothing and from withered stumps sprouted the tree. When all trees grew forwards and all birds pulled worms from the ground rather than planting them, one creature remained in a backwards loop of indie popjerk. Its name was Mummy Short Arms… Yes, we’re confused too. Epic stuff. (Facebook Page)


Since forming in 2006. Adam, Edd and Rory have become a local household name, Taking songs out of the ordinary and putting original spins on them. and having won band competitions throughout the Northwest with their original music, that has eventually led them to support huge artists such as The Script, Scouting for Girls, McFly, N-Dubz and numerous others. (Facebook Page)

Benjamin Bloom

‘Imagine Rick Wakeman having a child with Morten Harket. Then listen to that child’ – so said Simon of Trev and Simon (Going Live) fame! Citing influences from Queen to Mendelssohn, we’re pleased to welcome Benjamin Bloom to Wakefield. This is going to be utterly fabulous. (Facebook Page)

The Soul Circle Gang

Walking in the footsteps of many great artists of by-gone eras, The Soul Circle Gang have taken threads from various genres such as Funk, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Afro-beat and woven a tapestry that is filled with the essence of music. They have recently participated in the Raise the Roof festival to the delight of all who were there. With an ever expanding range the group regularly plays in Leeds, Sheffield and Huddersfield. (Facebook Page)



But wait, there’s more…

Take a look at our fantastic promo video where Joel, Matty and Rachel take you through all the acts playing at Clarence this year!


One thought on “Clarence Lineup 2012”

  1. Me, my wife and our children came to Clarence Park Festival yesterday and it was fantastic as ever.

    The best band of the day by far were “More Than You’ll Ever Know”. Really good gig, free cd’s at the end. Decent local lads too… Well done guys, really enjoyed the songs.

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