Clarence 2013

Wakefield Music Collective are pleased to announce the 22nd Clarence Park Music Festival, the longest running community-supported FREE Music Festival in Yorkshire!

Clarence Park Music Festival 2013 will take place on the weekend of 27th-28th July 2013 at Clarence Park Bandstand, Denby Dale Road, Wakefield.

More information:

  • Full Lineup Details – everyone who’s playing Clarence 2013, links to their websites, and more!
  • Who’s Playing When – the lineup grid and who’s on what stage at what time.
  • Planning Your Weekend – lots of useful information about travelling to Clarence, where to park, what to do, how to enjoy the Festival to the full!

And how you can help:


3 thoughts on “Clarence 2013”

  1. What about all the FREE concerts that ran in the late 60s – ?(1968 et seq). This would mean that the concerts are the longest running in the World!

    Count ‘em or loose em.

    P.S. Bill Nelson played with “Global Village”

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