From The Vaults: Wakefield’s Past Bands

Over on Facebook, long-standing stalwart of the Wakefield music scene Des Lines has put together Wakefield Bands Gone But Not Forgotten inviting reminiscences of old Wakefield bands who have shuffled off their coil and gone to the great gig in the sky. It’s worth a look, with names such as Cherry Bus Pass, Fear Of Jazz, Jeremy Beadle’s Hand et al stirring (possibly fond) memories.

It’s also pretty well-timed: with it being the 21st anniversary of Clarence Music Festival this year, we’ve decided to put out a series of podcasts celebrating past Clarence acts. We’ve already had a pretty good response from bandmates who still have copies of demos or a 7″ single hanging around (including the Twice Wi’ Scraps compilation) but if you have recordings hanging around from a band who appeared at Clarence (here’s a list to jog your memory) please drop us a line. We’ll take care of your precious things of course and return them safely! High quality cheap prada replica for women in UK.

And now, since we’re talking about old bands, here’s the original Brick Supply version of ‘Not So Manic Now’ which was used by 90s act Dubstar…

(If you want an overview of the whole Yorkshire music scene over the years, you could do a lot worse than acquire yourself a copy of I’ll Go to T’foot of Our Stage: The Story of Yorkshire Pop Music by Craig Ferguson which is a fun look at all sorts of bands from the 1950s onwards.)

Stay tuned to find out when the first podcast is released – it’ll be over on iTunes and available for download here.

One thought on “From The Vaults: Wakefield’s Past Bands”

  1. First saw brick supply in the York street hotel sometime around the late nineties.the original not so manic now ep was on the juke box.dave harling took time to drop me off a copy at my flat in smirthwaite street ,college grove.that’s the kind of top bloke he seemed to be.nicknamed me Roy for some reason unknown to me.wish I still had that ep but it has long since disappeared probably because it got played to death and wore out.I remember liking a b side track even better than not so manic.the world is full of fantastic musicians but there’s not so many can write songs and hooks like Dave harling.he’s Neil Finn Paul Simon class and even they couldn’t match a time I saw him play solo at the unplugged night at the grove holbeck Leeds when he said “I’ve just written this,a new one, it’s called ‘and she hammered me with the classic line I’m leaving’ ” great great songwriter.

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