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Brass Band Sundays Are Back

brass_band_sundaysFinally we seem to have some warm weather, just in time to herald the return of our popular Brass Band Sundays at Clarence Park Bandstand.

Gratefully funded by Wakefield Council’s Creative Partners Scheme, we’ve got a programme of six brass bands over the rest of the year. From 2pm-4pm on the dates below these are free concerts and you’re welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy the music.

The exception is that on Sunday 2nd June it’s 3pm-5pm, as we’re pleased to announce the return of the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. This was a splendid event last year – bring your bear and enjoy a programme of childrens music from Thurcroft Welfare Band.

The bands are:

  • Sunday 28th April: The Phoenix Band
  • Sunday 26th May: Garforth Brass Band
  • Sunday 2nd June: Teddy Bear’s Picnic with Thurcroft Welfare Band
  • Sunday 9th June: Grimethorpe & District Band
  • Sunday 8th September: James Farrell Concert Band
  • Sunday 8th December: Crofton B Band

Hope to see you there!


About The Bandstand

What’s probably not commonly known is that Wakefield Music Collective are currently working with The Friends of CHaT Parks’ and Wakefield Council on a project to refurbish the old Bandstand in Clarence Park, Wakefield. This building has stood in it’s current position for many years prior to it being situated at the top of Lowe Hill within the park, but it is now showing signs of natural wear and tear and in need of a thorough overhaul if it is to carry on being a centrepiece for outdoor events.

We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to bring an array of different bands and solo artist’s to Wakefield; if successful with funding, the aim is to expand the use of the building to other groups such as Amateur Dramatics, Church Choirs and School’s within the Wakefield area or even further afield spreading the uses of the Bandstand to the wider audience and community.

For this project to be a success we have been jointly applying for external funding but this depends on community support. If you feel this is a viable project not only for Wakefield Central but for Wakefield District as a whole we would appreciate words of support. We would also love to hear from yourselves if you would like to use the bandstand for concerts or similar events.

You can find out more about the consultation and respond (including a downloadable questionnaire) by clicking here.

Clarence 2012 – A Big Thankyou!

The stages are once again quiet, the beer tent has been packed away, the litter has been cleared and all the barriers are gone – yes folks, we’re done and dusted with Clarence 2012! It rained a bit, it was sunny, someone tried to roll down the hill and Rat was selling sticks – that makes it a proper Clarence in our books.

Thanks to all the bands who played with great gusto – Red Riding Quartet, Blind Dead McJones Band, The Jar Family, Scott Anthony Wainwright, Hamerex, By Polaroid, The Brompton Mix, More Than You’ll Ever Know, Freedom Of The City, The Incredible Magpie Band, Jery At Controls, MBT, Pegging Leaves, Mummy Short Arms, Boomin, Benjamin Bloom, The Soul Circle Gang, and Benson.

Thanks to you the audience who braved rain, wind, sun, and everything else to sit on the hill and listen to some cracking tunes. Thanks for behaving 😉

Thanks to the volunteers who tidied, cleared, produced, engineered, photographed, promoted, patrolled, sold stuff, walked, dispensed info, swept, carried, printed, lifted, wrote, typeset, rescued, poked, prodded, drove, ran, cleaned, lit, videoed, and tons more. People such as Kate, Rachel, Becky, Ben, Ellie, Tom, Nicky, Matty, JJ, James, Mick, Anthony, Joel, Andy, Lisa, Ed, Sophie, Jack, Jo-Ann, and tons more (many of whom are in the photo on the right, kindly taken by Sally Tucker). Thanks to Morsey for finding us drum kits at short notice, MBT for lending Mummy Short Arms their backline, Jodie for writing the intro to the programme. Ta to Martin at YOT and Yubi at Next Generation for their continued support.

Thanks to our sponsors this year who made sure we had enough dosh to do it, whether they gave us cash or donated services in-kind, companies you should support because they’re lovely – Wakefield College, Wakefield District Council, Ackworth Autoserv, Ossett Brewery, Rustico, BeClear/PCT, Wakefield Community Foundation, Rocket Express, Key Security, Sayers Solutions, StagePro, Wrenthorpe Consulting, Thornes Bon Bon, Leeds List, The All-New Duke Of York Pub Agbrigg, Trad Music, 106.8 Ridings FM, BBC 6Music, BBC Introducing, Cheese Factory, and Biziprint up Westgate who sorted us flyers and printing at very short notice. Splendid work from all the vendors who fed, watered and clothed people, and got the kids hopped up on sweets.

Finally, thanks (as usual) to everyone we’ve forgotten because there were a lot of people who helped this year, everyone from the random guy who helped fill bin bags at the end, to the bars and pubs who took our flyers when the street team were out on Thursday and Friday, and the kindhearted souls who handed in lost property. Kudos to the folks who brought their sofa and beanbags and put them on the hill – we love you all; the guy who decided to change his pants on the tarmac – less so 😉

There’ll be a full write-up soon and podcast #6 will feature soundbites from performers and crew around the festival, presumably when we’ve calmed down a bit, but in the meantime our Flickr group has photos appearing from the festival taken by Collective members, but you can of course add your own – go see!

And now, a cup of tea. Phew! Thanks and thanks again 🙂

Clarence 2012: A Week To Go!

We’re just a week away from Clarence Park Music Festival 2012 when we’ll see 18 bands take to 2 stages over the course of a weekend, and it’s all free! The t-shirts are on their way, the programmes are done, the site is being prepared, and we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of your weekend…

We start at midday on Saturday 28th July with local rockers Red Riding Quartet on the Bandstand Stage, followed by bluesmen The Blind Dead McJones Band. At 1:30pm prepare to be earwormed a lot by The Jar Family (especially Poolie Strut), then we’re back at The Hop Stage with urban hoedown beatbox footstomper Scott Anthony Wainwright. We’ve had a lot of comments that we’ve ignored the metalheads in recent years so prepare to mosh to Hamerex who are hitting the Bandstand Stage at 2:55pm and recover with some prog riffs and melodic vocals when By Polaroid join us on The Hop Stage at 3:50pm. The Brompton Mix are at 4:45pm on the Bandstand Stage and Blink-182-esque poppunk comes from More Than You’ll Ever Know at 5:40pm on The Hop Stage. Finishing off are our Saturday headliners Freedom Of The City who take to the Bandstand Stage at 6:35pm to bring you some proper good pint-in-the-air-chorus Manchester Indie.

Sunday 29th July kicks off with The Incredible Magpie Band bringing 60s-influenced rock reminiscent of early Beatles, Stones, Kinks, and latterly The La’s. Bring on the alt-country at 12:45pm when Jery At Controls hit the stage, and blow out the cobwebs with local metal band MBT who have a very good following and will rock yer socks off chiffon prom dresses at 1:30pm. Pegging Leaves bring a bittersweet chillout to The Hop Stage at 2:10pm but be prepared for Mummy Short Arms who frankly are a bunch of nutters from Glasgow who bring a really good but unique rock sound – that’s on the Bandstand Stage at 2:55pm. Boomin’ join us at 3:50pm, followed by The Soul Circle Gang for some laid-back relaxed funk, soul, reggae and Afro-beat on the Bandstand Stage at 4:45pm. Finally, Benjamin Bloom brings big choruses, pomp and circumstance and epic songs to The Hop Stage at 5:40pm before we finish with Benson who are so damn energetic that you’ll be exhausted just watching them – proper bangin’ indie-ska brass at 6:35pm. High quality cheap wedding dresses for sale.

So there you go. Sounds good? Thought so! Both stages are wired up to the big sound system so even if you don’t want to come down the hill you’ll still be able to hear what’s going on… but while you’re in The Hop beer tent you might as well sample some of the light and hoppy Clarence 21 Anniversary Ale which is exclusive to this event – it’d be rude not to, right? If you want to find out more (including dresses for prom info) then click here for the main Clarence 21 page.

Finally, if you can print out some posters and stick them up in your local shop or at work, please do so – you can click here to download an A4 PDF to print out. Spread the word – Clarence 21 is here. Booya!