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Clarence Park Bandstand

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The Bandstand Today

Clarence Park Bandstand was opened in 1926 during the General Strike to replace the original smaller one at the top of the hill.  

Clarence Park, originally cow pasture, was opened on 6th July 1893. The current bandstand opened in 1926 and cost £1,514 to build andwooden seating had been erected in front of it. 

The bandstand was used for outdoor concerts and in 1981 the Wakefield Mystery Plays were performed there during the Festival of Britain. In later years the bandstand has been used for and still is used for music festivals and events of all kinds.

The Original Bandstand

Above - A colour sketch of Wakefield Public Park, which opened 6th July 1893. This picture was published as a supplement to the Wakefield Express on July 8th 1893 and gives an artist's impression of the pathways through Clarence Park, though not an accurate description. Portraits of Alderman Charles Milnes Gaskell and Lady Catherine Milnes Gaskell, who donated the land are on the left and right. Land on the Holmfield and Thornes Estate was added to the park, which had merged into one by the 1920s. Ornamentatio

4th Aug 1934
1934 with a busy summer programme of music.
1975  Pop and Rock music are now an established part of the roll of the bandstand.
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